Can I Wear My Big Coat Yet?


I have noticed over the last couple of weeks a distinct lack of energy in myself and those around me.

I recently talked about my “Back to school funk”…I thought it was just me.

But it’s not.

My clients are tired, my family are tired, my friends are tired. I covered a local community fitness class week - they were all tired too.

What is it about this time of year? The air is fresh and the trees still have their leaves. The grass looks lush and until yesterday you could be comfortable in a t-shirt outside.

At our Outdoor Fitness class on Tuesday morning, someone asked “when will I be able to wear my big coat?”. She had got herself a bit of a bargain and bought herself a lovely warm coat for the forthcoming winter but had not yet had the chance to wear it. It was un-seasonally warm on Tuesday - the calm before the hurricane.

It occurred to me that this lethargy we are all feeling is because we don’t really know if we are coming or going at this time of year! We are definitely no longer in the warm, balminess of the summer months but also it’s not cold enough yet to put the heating on yet, it’s still reasonably light at teatime and it’s still appropriate to eat salad. Some days it’s warm enough for short sleeves, the next day you’ll get soaked through if you even look outside. Indeed, it’s not quite time to wear your big coat yet.

Hibernation mode has begun but the throes of Winter seem a long way off. It’s that time of year when it’s either cold or wet - neither of which are conducive to energy levels. There’s lots to look forward to at this time of year… Halloween, Fireworks (my favourite), Christmas and the anticipation of a new year and better than that…a new decade!

Don’t fight it. In the words of Ned Stark “Winter is coming”. Don’t hibernate just yet, it’s not time. Get out in the fresh air, rain or shine. Stock up on your vegetables - it’s great time of year for carrots, potatoes, kale, squash, cabbage and many more. Dust off the slow cooker, batch cook some warming food; soups, stocks, casseroles, curries. Make sure the garden is tidy. Give your house a good spring (?) clean (autumn clean doesn’t have the same ring to it). Stock up on good books and get to bed early. Keep moving and keep the energy levels up.

Then you can hibernate.