Do Your Bra and Pants Really Need To Match?


Ok, so you got me, this post has absolutely nothing to do with health and fitness but more a random conversation held during my fitness yoga class this morning [random being a completely normal occurrence at any of my classes!] An off-the-cuff comment made about non-matching bra and pants was met with unanimous horror around the class, but it got me thinking...

Is life too short to worry about such trivial matters, seriously? Surely there are more important things going on in the world?

Is this really more important than comfort and practicality?

If you have only black or white bras then this is obviously easy (although I may have been sporting a black and white mix myself this morning). But what if you have a hot pink bra, or one with little rosebuds on? Does this mean you have a drawer full of hot pink rosebud pants??

It's simple maths really. I probably have about 4 different (wearable) bras at any one time (excluding sports - matching activewear is a whole other complication) and about 20 pairs of pants. The chances that everything is clean and wearable at the same time has pretty low odds.

And then there's the question of how long you wear the bra for? A new bra everyday, just to match?That's a lot of washing! A quick Google and Good Housekeeping assures me that this is not necessary :-)

"Back away from the detergent, clean freaks. Washing your bra too often can do more harm than good. "Over-washing can damage the elasticity, which is essential for providing the proper support," says Lexie Sachs, product analyst in the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

 Carolyn Forte, director of the GHI Cleaning Lab agrees: "Once a bra loses its shape, the fit is compromised.

"Unless you're really sweaty, wait three or four wears before washing."

Phew, at least I'm not a complete freak! And my bras remain structurally sound.

Personally, popping along to "Marksys" to refresh my undies collection is an annual highlight in my calendar. My favourite being the pick and mix pants, 3 pairs for £10. I pick what I like the look of, I don't have time in my life to worry if they will match my bras. Would you really spend triple that to get a matching set?

Granted, if you have dressed up all nice to go out for a do or a wedding or something equally posh, then I would make the effort to match. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your outfit and makes you feel good, even though you're likely to be the only one who knows about it - unless this is something you like to shout about of course.

But if you're just getting on with your week, doing a school run, cleaning your house, running errands, coffee with friends or simply just in the office then as long as I've remembered to put them on in the first place I'm happy.

Now I know in this debate people will ask me what happens when I get knocked down by a bus (has anyone ever actually known that to happen) and they have to cut my clothes off, would I be mortified by the underwear I am wearing? The answer would be no, aside from the fact that I would just be happy to be alive. I'm not saying that my underwear is bad, I'm just saying it doesn't match. And with my annual trip to the pick and mix I make sure my collection is always in tip top condition.

I'll be saving my energy for more important making sure my underwear is clean.

So you tell me. Do you match? Must you match? Or are you baffled by the whole concept? I’d love to know.