My Perfect Month

I’ve set myself a January challenge to have a “perfect month”.

If you have an Apple Watch you will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t I’ll explain below. Inspired by a client of mine I realised that I wasn’t using my watch to its full potential. It is basically a mini personal trainer attached to your wrist.

Everyday you aim to close three rings - Move, Stand and Exercise. The watch sets a Move goal for you, the Stand goal is always the same and the Exercise goal is 30 minutes. The watch also knows how active you are generally and adjusts accordingly.

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Infinity, Rock Bottom and Beyond: Review of 2018

Over the last 6 months I have been taking a mental break from my business. I didn’t realise this is what I was doing…it just happened. Of course, I was physically present but my heart and soul had taken a step away.

There has been no social events, no challenges, no blog posts, no newsletters, no coffee, no awards, no celebrations, nothing new.

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Surviving the Christmas Binge

Christmas...the time for eating, drinking and being merry. Have you had your first mince pie yet? Most of us over-indulge over the Christmas period and then make resolutions to do something about it in January. But why wait until next year? What about making goals now so you go into the New Year feeling fighting fit and ready to have your best year yet? Here are my top 10 tips for surviving the Christmas binge...

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#ACTIVEWEAR March 2018 Edit

Is it Winter? Is it Spring? Who knows at the moment! Yesterday felt like Spring has arrived but today Winter has returned and we woke up with snow again! March has definitely come in like a Lion. As I have trawled around all my favourite activewear stores (and even found some exciting new ones this month) there is definitely a very retro theme to some of the colours and styles. 

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What is Metafit?

Metafit is a workout based on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles. The fundamental principles of this type of training are the work/rest intervals, the idea being that you work out as hard as you can in the work periods knowing that this is followed by a rest. This type of training is used in all sorts ways and helps to work muscles and boost metabolism.

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