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Angela Hope

Hi, my name is Angela and I’m a busy, working Mum, based Suffolk,

When I started out in the world of work, I was a qualified Electronic Engineer, working for a company called Baxter Healthcare. Shortly after, I re-qualified and worked as an IT professional for 13 years for a company called TigerLogic. However, like so many women in my position, having children made me reassess my work/life balance and I decided that it was time for a career change. One that would be more flexible to fit in with my young and expanding family.

I had already qualified as a personal trainer in 2008, more because of my growing interest in health and fitness so the logical step was to turn my passion into my job. I had my first child, Jack in 2009, and my second child, Holly, in 2011. As my children have grown, my interest and knowledge has evolved with me as I have gone from pregnancy, postnatal, pre-school to the school-run mum, sharing my experiences and skills with other busy mums.

I know how difficult it is to find the ‘me’ in ‘time’ when you are a busy, working mum. The pressure to always keep preparing healthy food for a hungry family, in a limited amount of time, let alone finding the time to exercise and look after your own well-being. For me, I workout by running, yoga and walking my dog, Lucy, and of course, doing the school run.

In 2014, two friends asked me if I would consider putting on an outdoor training session once a week for them and a small group of friends, which I agreed. Over the last year this has grown to a timetable of 6 classes and over 60 class members, exercising together whatever the weather. Now we have themed workouts, Hope Juniors, team events and lots of coffee!!

What to know a bit more about me…