NEW Accountability Group

Next Groups Starts Monday 2nd September


Over the years I have successfully and unsuccessfully gone about reaching my health fitness goals, tried many diets, yo yo'ed up and down, tried different exercise routines, constantly seeking out the magic answer. Mostly the methods work but rarely are they sustainable.

Weight Watchers/Slimming Word - it works! But who wants to be told what to eat, count calories and eat sugar-free jelly and fry-light!

Clean eating - it works! But difficult to sustain unless you embrace that way of eating forever.

Stress - it works! But definitely not recommended and these days I find I am as likely to gain weight.

Cornflakes - it works! But only because of the calorie deficit, it certainly won't do you any good in the longterm.

Calorie Counting - it works! But it is so boring and takes away the love of food.

A good health and fitness routine for life requires consistency and a way that fits in with your family and lifestyle. The one method that I have found to help this is to simply be accountable.

Accountability - it works! Being accountable means you are required to justify the decisions that you make, what you are eating or choosing to eat and how much exercise you are doing. Sometimes just saying the words out loud is enough.

So this is why I have set up a new Accountabilty Facebook group (apologies to the non-Facebookers).

How The Group Works

For 4 weeks you will be accountable to a small group of like-minded individuals for all your health and fitness decisions. Sharing your successes and failures and supporting others through theirs.

The group is free for all but there will only be 10 places in the group every four weeks and places will be available on a first come first serve basis. You will be allowed to stay in the group for a maximum of 12 weeks and then you must take a break.

I will be there on a daily basis to help you along and answer any questions you may have.

The Rules

* You will weigh-in and measure on the first Monday. You don't have to share your initial numbers so don't panic! However, every subsequent Monday you must share your losses (or gains) with the group.

* You must post your food and exercise diary every day. Three days of non-posting means you are out.

* You can only be in the group for three consecutive cycles (12 weeks)

* You must take an active role in the group, do not be an observer. Share your successes and your failures. Be supportive and helpful to others.

What Next?

If you think that this is something that will be helpful to you then you can join the group below. There is only 10 places in each cycle to ensure there is not too much "noise" in the group. These places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis so if you don't get in this time around you will be added to a waiting list. You can only join the group at the start of a cycle, the next one starts Monday 2nd September.

If you become an observer in the group, i.e. you don't post for three days, you will be removed and will have to wait until the next cycle to rejoin.

Any questions let me know!